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Some of the frequently asked questions about Link Limousine Montreal service.

We gathered almost all the most important questions that our clients ask us. Feel free to look around maybe you will find what are you looking for. As you see we are more than just open for people interested in our limousine service.


Limousine service rates takes into account of several factors. It does consider the time of booking, distance that is travelled on the limo, total time spent and various other factors. Split run is a form of reservation which is from an economical point. In its simplest form, split run has a pick up address assigned, along with a fixed return time. In a way, this method is efficient as when you are not using the limo service it can perform additional work. The limo service does not wait for you when you are sitting at a certain point. Firm price quotations are also available with split reservations. Limo services can also be hired by the hourly rate. In this way, you choose to keep the car at your disposal and this is pretty expensive on the pocket. In this service a flat rate is charged along with the hours for which it is booked. People who are looking to visit several places during the evening find it convenient.
If you choose to contact several companies before finalizing on the limo service you will surely get a wide range of quotations. While you pay close attention to the price range, you will be able to note that the charges would almost be the same for a wide range of companies. There would be a few odd ones which will have lower price rate or may be placed slightly higher than the others. Companies which have a professional approach will come up with maintenance charges, proper insurance and other relevant licenses. Therefore it is common to find similar range of pricing being offered in this area. When you choose to cut rates and make profit you are eventually cutting down on something. This in a way can translate to a poor mode of service. This way a company may be actually compromising on the quality of the limousine provided, the way it is operated from the central hub with operators who may be unlicensed, poor driving quality with chauffeurs. Few companies can also play the trick game, by offering schemes where you get a lower quote if booked in advance and is quoted with a higher price for other normal reservations. If there are people who fall into the trap of getting the limo booked at a higher rate they may look to cancel the other reservation made.
Normally, quoted rates remain the same unless it falls under the below mentioned categories:
• If a client chooses to add additional pick and drop service.
• If one is late as per the assigned time and the limo is under a wait period.
• If there is damages caused to the company which may be in the form of an accident caused, misuse of the limo service by the client or the client’s party. This would basically include any kind of damage that is done to the limo in the form of cigarette burns causing seat damage, broken glasses, or any other damage caused to the interiors of the limo.
• If there is a request for additional time which is not mentioned in the reservation earlier.
No, the prices are subjected to HST.
All reservations do require gratuity for the driver. It is recommended as 15% of the total bill value. On prior request, the gratuity sum can also be added to the cumulative bill value. In any case, or incidence when you feel that value was not provided by the hired chauffeur; one can directly contact the office and gratuity sum will be refunded.
All kinds of cards are accepted which includes, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Checks that are certified or cash. Payments that are been placed by checks which are not certified are normally arranged a week before the date of reservation. In cases of prime reservations being made, a non refundable deposit is required; so that the reservation remains. All payments are made prior to the date of reservation.
Yes, credit card details are required. Even if you are going to choose the payment method through cash, credit card imprints would mean that any additional charge that occurs is charged through the card. In case, you require the slip it can be requested to your chauffeur and your slip will be returned if there are no additional charges.
Well, we are a very reputable company in the business and we do respect all the contracts and the reservations made. You can also look at our testimonials and the reference we have at the reception. We are not into that sort of business, where we would break a contract without a cause.
As per the norms, minimum age requirement for booking a limo service is 18 or older. If it is being used by someone who falls under the prescribed age; we would require an agreement which is duly signed to claiming authorization of responsibility; which also signifies that any damage caused the agreement holder is responsible. If there are many people and almost all of them are under the prescribed age than we would at least need a guardian to travel along who is above 18.
Drinking of alcohol inside the limousine is directly related to the age of majority however,it's not legal and we do not represent the same. It is in sync with the local law and regulation that applies for the age of drinking. The responsibility of drinking is totally in the onus of the client. There are few occasions where we choose to supply champagne as a complimentary offer, other than that none of our employees would supply or assist in purchase of alcohol for the client.
This can be provided if the client places a request for the same. For weddings it is automatically supplied.
Once the vehicle has started for the journey, we would not allow under any given circumstances that the client stands out of the sunroof. If a client is inclined to having a picture through the sunroof; this can be done only before the travel starts. We do place the safety of client as a matter of prime importance. This is restricted as incase, if the vehicle is struck from behind or any type of accident take place during the tour than the client may get hurt or face injuries.
Smoking is not at all allowed under any given circumstances within the limousine. Smoking as a matter of fact is also prohibited by the locals as under the law regulations. It is also prohibited as a matter of fact that we appreciate clean and fresh air in the interiors of limousine for the client. We also hold the rights to cancel a reservation if client chooses to smoke inside the limousine.
Reservations are not confirmed unless and until the deposit is made. Deposits once made are also non-refundable. The company holds the rights to make changes and amendments at its own discretion.
Limousine companies are normally booked over more for wedding occasions. Weddings also do look more auspicious in expensive cars carrying the groom and the bride. Limousines come in at a very hefty cost and these mean machines are pretty expensive to operate and maintain. Thus in the business, operators also look to break even and recover the expenses along with having a profitable margin in the business. Good service also comes with a value proposition and price value. The type of service rendered is incomparable for the wedding packages and therefore comes with a premium; to create an experience.
Normally, the service is not rendered for a service time which is less than 5 hours.
Our office staff does take due care of such arrangements. One of our staff will get in touch with you and explain the procedures after your booking. This will also be in turn confirmed with your chauffeur. However, it should also be noted that airline and airport procedures do change from time to time. There could be changes made due to changes taking place at the terminal.
The amount of luggage that can be fit in a limousine differs from a limo to the other. It also depends if you have booked a stretched limousine or a non-stretched limousine in this case. You can normally fit up to 3-4 large suitcases in our limo. If there is an anticipation that the luggage may exceed than this should be confirmed at the time of booking or the office staff should be made aware of the same. Also if you are carrying items like golf cases or skis it is always better to inform in advance to have hassle free service. It should also be noted that we also look to ensure that luggage is not kept inside the passenger compartment so as to prevent any damage.
Extra stops that are made on the route do come with additional charge. Once our office staff has the details of your reservations, we can provide you with the quote that would include the charges.
The company holds the right to cancel a reservation at its discretion under the following circumstances:
• If there is endanger to the client or the chauffeur.
• Inappropriate behavior with our staff members.
• Any form of abuse made to the chauffeur whether verbal or physical.
• Payment not made as per the contract.
• Client chooses to smoke within the limousine.
• If there is any form of damage caused to the limousine; by the client.
• If client is not located within the allotted time as per the booking.
The company also holds the right to recover payments even if the reservation is cancelled for any of the above reasons.
The booking of a Limo service can be done through various ways. You can also look to request for information pertaining to Limo service. In order to get your limo booked within a click you can visit the > Quotes page and accordingly fill in the information required.
In order to make the payment it is necessary that you have a credit card which is acceptable at your disposal. Details like how many people would be travelling and the booking date and time also need to be mentioned. If you are looking to rent out a limo; you can go to the booking page and you should be able to check out the listing of the limousines available. You can also have a look at the various deals available if you visit http://linklimousines.com/services .
The booking process is fairly simple. You can just reach us at any of our telephone numbers. Our staff member looking after reservations will get in touch with you and provide your with the must required information about the limousines on offer and also the formalities required to complete the booking.
This would depend as per your choice. You can also choose to pay the remaining balance as cash when your chauffeur picks you up.
In such a case, you can ideally set the maximum number of people travelling as per your estimate.
In case you have booked a limo based on the point to point price model; then prices are subjected to change based on the distance you chose to travel.
Wedding package would include a bottle of champagne, bottled water, ice, red carpet for the bride and the groom.
Basic regulations that apply to all the limousine service companies would include having an operator license, all documents regarding insurance. Also passenger limit is set as standard to 8 people as maximum.
It is very important that the company offering the service should be having a physical address. You should also pay close attention to their fleet size and reputation in the market. If you can access the vehicle standards before your booking; you should choose to do so.
Yes, you should surely go for it.
We have been market leaders in providing car service for the corporate for some time now.
Yes, for special events we do have special packages, for instance weddings.
Yes, we are a well recognized company in the market and we have quite a collection to offer.
Ideally, your chauffeur should be able to meet you at the terminal gate and should appear before you with a hoarding carrying your name and sign on it. In case you find difficulty in locating your chauffeur; you should immediately get in touch with our office staff and they should be able to assist you; right on the go. However, please note if you fail to call it can result in no show and thereby attract full charge.
Yes, at the outset it may look so however it is not that simple! Choosing a limo service may look hectic but you should always choose the one which has some recommendation or based on references. It is always better to look at the reputation that they have in the industry, years of providing expertise; the fleet size that they cater. Also along with this you should also look at their operator’s license, insurance. Having a close look at their work and philosophy can also give you a good measure about them. You should also check with the knowledge your chauffeur should possess. In such cases due diligence is a given must. Do not shy away from asking the right questions.
If you do have a definite plan; you should wait no further and get in touch to grab your reservation. It also depends on seasonal factors. It is always ideal to book as much in advance as you can.
Well, we work round the clock every day and night throughout the year. However, you should book in advance for the off hours and also note that charges and surcharges may be levied as well.
Cancellation policy differs from vehicle to the other:
• In case of sedan and SUV, you should inform at least 2 hours prior to your pick up and at least 4 hours prior to the garage leave as per the hourly charts.
• In case of a passenger vehicle or an executive van; 4 hours prior to your pick up and at least 8 hours prior to the garage leave as per the hourly charts.
• Limousines cancellation should be informed at least 48 hours prior to the time of pick up and at least have 6 hours of notice on airport transfers.
• If you are cancelling a mini or limo coach then, you should inform at least 12 hours prior to your pick up and at least 24 hours prior to the garage leave as per the hourly charts.
• For motor coaches, it should be informed 3 weeks prior to the pickup day/time; and 4 weeks on day charters.
Cancellation policy in such cases should be at least 1 week prior to the pickup time of the event on the chartered vehicle. This includes social events like Christmas, thanksgiving, social events and concerts alike.
Credit card details are necessarily required as a guarantee of payment. This process would also include that a credit card authorization form is sent to the client; during the time of reservation. This also applies to all mode of transportation including airport transfers, hourly rentals and others.
Yes, and actually you should! We are always welcoming our customers to our offices during the standard office hours and it is always better to check out fleet size along with the vehicles we have and then make the final decision.
Yes, we do. In case of major accounts billing terms are subject to review and approval.
Well, we can accept your reservations several months prior to your booking date. As soon as you know that you have a plan and decide that you would be travelling you should look to make the reservations.
Well, for special events hourly rental is applied. You can also choose to have the vehicle of your choice along with the chauffeur for the service. You can direct your trip as per your choice and it can relax your nerves further, when you know you do have the vehicle at your disposal.
This is very much achievable except on peak seasons when there is such a high demand of events and dates simultaneously. A transfer in such a case is a simple service which does not include wait time as per the package. In case of stops, wait time is calculated extra and additional time driven by the chauffeur is also calculated. Thus, one should primarily review all the details before making the final booking.
Well, in our case you will find that all the vehicles are stocked up with the most exclusive amenities that you would need. You will have the daily newspaper and other magazines for your reading needs. You will also find mints and bottled water. There are exclusive coaches that have modern glassware placed in limousines. In mini coaches and van, you will find a cooler which would be holding bottled water. We do welcome customers with their own snacks and beverages. Alcohol consumption during the ride is against the law.

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Montreal Limousine Service provides you with limo services for any occasions with the most affordable prices, we will make your wedding day limo service a positive one, along with offering you airport limousine service, prom limo rental services and night out limousine services in Montreal and throughout the region.

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We ensure the safety and the comfort to all our clients. Our professional chauffeurs are trained to keep You happy.

Our montreal limousine driver always arrives prior to your scheduled time to insure that you get to your destination on time. He will notify you to his arrival and then stand by for your arrival to our limousine. His duty is to take luggages and open the door for you.
Once settled in our limousine, your chauffeur will take you to your destination by following all traffic laws. Smooth drive to avoid spelling your drink on your cloths. Insures that you have the most beautiful experience with us. Setting the climate controls to your taste and putting you music to enjoy the moment.
Disputes arriving in style with your montreal limo service, our chauffeurs drop you off to the door on the right side of the street. For your safety, it's the drivers job to open the door for you and let you out. He will help you with luggages and bags to your door footsteps. He will insure that you didn't leave any of your personal belongings inside our limousine.


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We determine our rates by the good service we give. We got packages that suit everyone's budget.
Clean limousines , well dressed chauffeur a state of the art services. Our highly skilled staff is ready to take on any challenge.
Your experience with your limousine service will determine if you would be a repeat client. Our chauffeurs and staff are trained to our 101 client satisfaction courses to beat and stay ahead from all competition.




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