New Canaan car service

New Canaan car service

When you are going places important, or not, you deserve the best ride experience.  You should be able to count on your ride experience including, safety, comfort, and luxury.  Have you ever experienced supreme service, including a driver who keeps all three areas in mind?

You can with our New Canaan car service.

Our New Canaan car service will be there for your transportation needs.  Our Canaan car service will offer you the safety, comfort, and luxury, desired, as you ride towards your destination.

So be adventurous.  Imagine your journey including the high level of service, which you deserve to receive, at the beginning and end of it.  Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you should be able to count on your car service.


We keep your needs in mind when we drive you around.  Imagine having a driver, who has been trained to maintain your safety, while providing a flare to your entrance and exit.  You want to know that, through all the glitz, you will return to your destination safely.

Our drivers have been trained in defensive driving.  You want a driver that can prevent you from experiencing dangerous accidents.  On your journey, our goal is to make sure that your safety is maintained.  With defensive driving techniques, you can feel safer and end your ride smoothly.


Our New Canaan Car Service provides you with options when it comes to your comfort level.  We offer a range of vehicles which include luxury SUVs and Mercedes Sprinters.

What are you looking for?

The question becomes what level is your comfort? 

Are you looking for a vehicle which will accommodate more than a small group of people?  We have mini-buses, which would accommodate them.  Maybe, you are catering to a large group of professionals or family.  You will all be in for a treat when you experience our high level of punctuality and service.

Are you looking for a more intimate size?  We have small vehicles which would accommodate a more intimate setting.  You and your significant other will be spoiled by a chauffeur and receive extra perks, throughout your ride to your destination. 

The romance will grow richer, as your intimacy will be coaxed by the level of service that is given to you.  We want you and your significant other to leave our service feeling the level of high satisfaction that you both may desire from your New Canaan car service.


Luxury is not to be forgotten, as you journey throughout the town.  You should be awed by interior and exterior design and service.  Your professional drivers will look the part.  The car will be worth riding in, throughout your trip. 

Along with comfort, luxury should leave a lasting impression on your experience.  When you have journeyed with Core Car’s New Canaan car service, you will consider riding with Core Car every time you are considering a business-oriented or pleasurable trip. 

Core Car is ready to serve you, whenever you are prepared for excellent service!

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New Canaan car service
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New Canaan car service