Limo Bus vs Stretched SUV in Montreal, Best Choice When Travelling With A Large Entourage

///Limo Bus vs Stretched SUV in Montreal, Best Choice When Travelling With A Large Entourage

Limo bus vs stretched SUV in Montreal, best choice when travelling with a large entourage

Large group travels often present enormous challenges especially if you are trying to get every person on board at the same venue and at the same time. This should not be a problem at all; Link Limousine Montreal Limo Company has a solution for you. Link Limousine Montreal provides stretched out limo and SUV services that will leave you spoilt for choice. The limo company has a wide variety of considerations before giving you the limo; the number of people you intend to transport to the desired destination, the amount of luggage you plan to move and the kind of event you are attending. If you are carrying a large group of people, then a stretched limo bus is available for you. Let’s get an insight of some of the stretch SUVs you will get by visiting Link Limousine Montreal Limo Company:

The Executive Coach – This limo is the largest you can get Link Limousine Montreal Company with a comfortable seating capacity of 32 persons. Also, it has a luggage capacity of 15 pieces. It has more enhanced features including monitors, well-stocked bar, LED lighting and state of the art music system. It is referred to as the elite of the elite, and if you hire this limo, you will have reached the highest water-mark. The executive coach is tailor-made for large wedding parties, bachelorette/bachelor parties and other large parties.
The Hummer H2 Stretch SUV – If you are looking to organize social gatherings, transporting people to known destination or weddings, then the Hummer H2 Stretch SUV is the best fit for you. It has a capacity of 20 people seated comfortably and has unique features not found in other limos including bench seating, LED lighting and an adequately stocked wet bar.
The Ford E-350 XLT Va – This is the perfect definition of a stretched limo. It can accommodate large groups of business clients and corporate groups. It has a capacity of 10 people sitting comfortably with extra space for 10 pieces of suitcases or a maximum of 14 people without space for luggage. Each seat is designed with an individual seat belt, a spacious and comfy head space and leg room.
 The Cadillac Escalade SUV – It is considered the most traditional model of the company limo options. The carrying capacity does not exceed six people and has an extra luggage space for six pieces. The seats are fitted with seat belts simulating the traditional SUV vehicles on the road. It is majorly designed for professional commuting purposes, picking clients at the airport, travelling to and from business seminars with co-workers. Nevertheless, this SUV guarantees absolute comfort to any occupant.
 The Ford Expedition Stretch SUV – This classic SUV can carry up to 14 people without compromising on the quality of the comfort. Also, it comes in handy with a limousine bench seating. The Ford Expedition Stretch SUV is incredible, spacious and utterly unbelievable by just looking at it. It comes with a head and leg room that make all the occupants as comfortable as possible. This stretched SUV is specially designed for those travelers going for conferences and other special events. The downside to this machine is that it lacks enough luggage space, and so it’s not convenient for air travelers. It more designed for smaller groups not exceeding 14.

I’m a limo enthusiast, and I have been booking from other limo companies. This time, I wanted a change, and indeed the change came as a big surprise. To be honest, I’m not used to this kind of service. The limo was a beast, with jaw-dropping amenities including a well-stocked bar with some of the finest spirits on planet earth. We ordered some food, and it was delivered by well trained professional. I will definitely stick with this limo company.

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