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how much should you tip a limo driver

Elevate the experience of celebrating a special occasion by hiring a luxurious limousine. Hiring a limo is a sign that you’re going all guns firing to make your event memorable, be it celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding, prom, or anything else.

No matter the event, rest assured hiring a limo will definitely add to the experience you enjoy. However, before you go ahead and enjoy your limo riding experience, it’s essential to know about limo tip etiquette. 

This is especially true for people hiring a limo for the first time, as they often wonder – how much to tip limo driver?

This mini-guide will provide all the information you need to know more about the best practices for tipping a limo service. 

Do You Tip Your Limousine Driver?

You’ve enjoyed your evening or night riding around the town in a luxurious limo, and it’s coming to an end. Now, the question surfaces – how much to tip a limo driver? Many people might even feel that they’ve spent enough on the limo ride and that tipping limo driver isn’t essential. 

Limousine drivers not only take you around the town but also help you load and unload your luggage and other items. They go the extra mile to ensure your ride is smooth and comfortable, making you feel like royalty, especially when you hire a Montreal limousine from Link Limousines.

Contrary to popular belief, the livelihoods of limo drivers depend largely on the tips they receive. The tips they receive make a considerable difference in the quality of life they enjoy. 

So, yes, you should provide gratuity for the limo driver. 

How Much To Tip A Limo Chauffeur?

As a thumb rule, you should always try to tip your limo chauffeur 20 percent of your total bill. So, if the limo rental cost for the night is around $500, the limo driver’s tip is $100. 

The 20 percent gratuity is standard in the limo rental industry and is also considered a standard in the hired car services sector. 

The generous tip you pay to your limo driver is a way of saying thanks for their premium services and ensuring you have a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable evening/night. 

Factors To Consider When Tipping Limo Driver

While the base tipping percentage stands at 20 percent, there are other factors you should consider before concluding how much to tip a limo driver. 

These factors include –

Trip’s Length

While giving a base tip of 20 percent of the final bill for short-duration trips, like when picking up or dropping at the airport, is sufficient, you might want to increase the tip amount for long-duration trips. 

For extended journeys or overnight trips, inflating the base tipping amount is a thoughtful way to show gratitude for their premium service and effort.

Level Of Service

Many drivers go above and beyond to ensure you have a memorable experience riding a limo. 

From offering bottled water to helping you navigate through the city and popular party spots, limo drivers can help elevate your limo riding experience in countless ways. They may even take detours on request to pick up forgotten items or pick up a friend on the way. 

So, if you really enjoyed the limo driver’s services, considering a higher tip is recommended. 

However, a lower tip should be fine if you noticed shortcomings in the service or your overall experience was far less than you anticipated.

Car Size & Amenities 

If you’ve hired a stretch limousine or a larger modified limo for your special event, the base tip of 20 percent would also be substantial due to the overall higher rental cost. 

However, you should tip a higher amount for these limos that come fully loaded with amenities like a stocked bar, entertainment system, ambient lighting, moon roof, and more. 

A higher limo gratuity in these cases is a way to acknowledge your overall memorable experience.

Additional Limo Tip Etiquette 

  • If there’s additional staff, consider leaving an additional 10 to 20 percent tip for them.
  • A flat 15 to 20 percent tip is sufficient for short trips or airport transfers.
  • Leaving a tip along with a handwritten appreciative note would look thoughtful for exceptional services.
  • If you’re paying through a credit card, add a tip on the payment slip.

Final Thoughts 

We hope this article has answered the question – what do you tip limo drivers?

The guidelines mentioned here will ensure you don’t get perplexed on your next limo ride, especially when paying the final bill. Knowing basic limo tip etiquette ensures you don’t make the driver who has worked hard to make your evening special feel his efforts aren’t appreciated or recognized. 

By considering the factors mentioned above, you can ensure your tip accurately reflects the quality of your experience. It is a small price to pay to showcase your appreciation while celebrating your special event. And it definitely ensures exceptional service on your next limo trip.

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