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Hiring a limo service in Montreal – 5 guidelines to practical decision-making

The presence of limos can be the hallmark of your event. Limo companies are spread all over Montreal city, but getting the ultimate service is tricky sometimes especially if you are not a guru in the domain. Exercising discretion on your way to shopping for the perfect limo company can do more good than harm. Keep these facts in consideration when venturing in this limo demographic: [...]

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Stretched limos in Montreal makes your event glamorous and memorable

Summertime is fast approaching, and the whole city is a buzz with gala events, birthday parties and end year parties. Whatever the event, you want it to remain as memorable as possible. Booking a stretched Montreal limo is the surest way to achieve that fete for years on end. [...]

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Limo bus vs stretched SUV in Montreal, best choice when travelling with a large entourage

Large group travels often present enormous challenges especially if you are trying to get every person on board at the same venue and at the same time. This should not be a problem at all; Link Limousine Montreal Limo Company has a solution for you. Link Limousine Montreal provides stretched out limo and SUV services that will leave you spoilt for choice. [...]

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A breakdown of dos and don'ts when looking to hire a limousine in Montreal

The process of booking a limousine in Montreal can be a nightmare if you do not know the ins and outs involved. Many Montreal limo companies have taken the city by storm and are readily available at your request; there are other important aspects that you must consider that might not be at your fingertips. [...]

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3 extra-ordinary reasons why Link limo service is the best choice when contemplating Montreal air transportation

Most people choose air travel when heading to remote locations either for business or pleasure. If you ask these air travel enthusiasts, they will tell you that arriving at the airport fresh with a straight mind is the perfect way to start any air travel. Hiring the best limo service will ensure your leisure begins before you set foot in the airplane. [...]

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Montreal Limousine Service provides you with limo services for any occasions with the most affordable prices, we will make your wedding day limo service a positive one, along with offering you airport limousine service, prom limo rental services and night out limousine services in Montreal and throughout the region.

Our Driver Handel

We ensure the safety and the comfort to all our clients. Our professional chauffeurs are trained to keep You happy.

Our montreal limousine driver always arrives prior to your scheduled time to insure that you get to your destination on time. He will notify you to his arrival and then stand by for your arrival to our limousine. His duty is to take luggages and open the door for you.
Once settled in our limousine, your chauffeur will take you to your destination by following all traffic laws. Smooth drive to avoid spelling your drink on your cloths. Insures that you have the most beautiful experience with us. Setting the climate controls to your taste and putting you music to enjoy the moment.
Disputes arriving in style with your montreal limo service, our chauffeurs drop you off to the door on the right side of the street. For your safety, it's the drivers job to open the door for you and let you out. He will help you with luggages and bags to your door footsteps. He will insure that you didn't leave any of your personal belongings inside our limousine.


Why You should choose Link Limousine Montreal?

We take our business to the second level, we want to insure a repeat business from our clients. To do so we got to exceed your expectations as keeping good customers just like you is the biggest challenge to all industries. Word of mouth is our pure core advertising and we pride our selves with it.

We determine our rates by the good service we give. We got packages that suit everyone's budget.
Clean limousines , well dressed chauffeur a state of the art services. Our highly skilled staff is ready to take on any challenge.
Your experience with your limousine service will determine if you would be a repeat client. Our chauffeurs and staff are trained to our 101 client satisfaction courses to beat and stay ahead from all competition.




Link Limousine Montreal

Whether you are looking for a limousine for a business meeting, airport trips or any special event, then this is where you can get finest chauffeured luxury services. Our staff is quick to offer help whenever necessary.

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